2013 Collection

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2013 Collection: Paradise Found

Paradise launches yachts and airplanes, stories and dreams. It melts worry and stirs emotion. It intoxicates. It calls from afar.

But this season, Mikoh invites you to a new paradise — the one of your own creation. You know this place not from a postcard or a magazine but from a feeling: Joy. Beauty. Release.

Your paradise is in the color of the sunset, or the shimmer of the sea on moonrise. It’s the lap of the tide, the breeze in the boughs, the dance of a wood-burning flame at twilight. It’s in catching the first wave at dawn. It’s in the search; it’s in the journey.

From swirling whitewater to the hues of morning, this year’s collection, Paradise Found, draws in subtle and intricate details we’ve discovered on travels around the world. Our bikinis and effortless, easy-to-wear cover-ups are the perfect complement to an excursion of your own.

Paradise is for you to seek and define, whether far from home or in the very heart of it. With modern design inspired by the paradises we find every day, Mikoh’s 2013 collection takes you anywhere happiness and solitude reside.

Thank you for letting MIKOH be a part of your journey.


X Oleema and Kalani Miller